The Organic Growers of Fairlie

Fairlie Community Garden opened in spring 2008 for local people who wanted to grow their own
organic vegetables. Formerly a boatyard/trainyard on the Pier Road , it was leased from
North Ayrshire Council and supported by the Climate Challenge Fund.

Raised beds were built and soil was brought in at the start of the project. Today members grow in 181
outdoor and 135 polytunnel beds in three tunnels. An amazing variety of vegetables are grown with more
exotic ones such as figs, oka, sweet potatoes, aubergines, chills, grapes.

We have fruit trees and a woodland trail around the garden as well as a pond.The trail is popular for
children's scavenger hunts and activities.Many native trees have been planted and
wildflowers are planted to attract pollinators.
There is a woodland shelter belt at the garden front to protect the garden from wind with a secret
path through it.We take advantage of being on the coast to gather seaweed which provides
trace elements to our soil. The garden is involved in low carbon activities which reduce the
effects of climate change which include our vegetable growing, recycling garden and food waste to
make vegetable and worm compost. We also collect rainwater and reuse building materials.

There is a picnic area for use and a small tearoom.We also have a barn where we hold activities,
workshops,family days and community events such as Bonfire night and the Gala day.
Garden volunteers are looking after barrels and maintaining the Pier Road picnic areas.
We also have volunteers who are making Fairlie station a welcome and attractive place for visitors.
The garden always welcomes members from the local community and visitors as well.

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