Fairlie became Scotland's First Fairtrade Village
by achieving the criteria of five goals required by the Fairtrade Foundation

The Fairtrade Mark is a certification label awarded to products sourced from developing countries that meet
internationally recognised standards of fair trade. It is an international network of different organisations which
ensure that the producers of goods receive a fair price and have healthy and safe working conditions.
Many products are also organic but this is not an essential requirement.
The number, variety and standard of Fairtrade goods available increases year by year
far beyond the original tea and coffee sold in the beginning.

Buying Fairtrade goods has made a difference in the lives of workers and farmers living in poverty.
With the extra income they have been able to access clean water supplies and health care,
send their children to school and raise the standard of their products and marketing.

The Fairtrade movement aims to raise awareness of the existence of Fairtrade goods,
so that shoppers may seek out the Fairtrade Mark and ask for these goods to be stocked by retailers.
The goal is that all goods eventually become fairly traded promoting justice and peace in the world.

Fairlie Fairtrade generally have a stall in the Session House on the first Sunday of the month
at about 10.45am after the Church Service